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By-Laws Committee
Reviews the association’s by-laws for future revisions.
Board Liaison: Sharon Decker


Membership Committee
Develops a comprehensive program to enhance and increase membership with targeted growth.
Board Liaison:  Jamie Swindler and Julie Domian-Ernst


Education Committee
Develops educational information to be passed along to our members as well as additional educational offerings and continues to pursue avenues where we create value for all people employed in our industry.
Board Liaison: Sherri Wagerman and Peter Nesmith


Programs Committee
Provides speakers for the monthly luncheon meetings and works with the Education Committee.
Board Liaison: Cora Henderson and Peter Nesmith


Community Service
Plans events that benefit our local community and those that raise funds for our association. The community service communicates with charity’s we work with for luncheon and other events.
Board Liaison: Sharon Decker and Melissa Johnson


Fundraising Committee
Raising money for MBA Louisville activities and supported charities.
Board Liaison: Melissa Johnson, Jamie Swindler and Elizabeth Lanham


Legislative Committee
Helps keep the membership informed of the national, state and local proposals. Helps to develop a plan to support positive legislation that helps the industry grow and prevent legislation that will ultimately harm the consumer and the industry.
Board Liaison: Marla Guillaume


Alliance Committee
Works to strengthen relationships with Builders and Realtors.
Board Liaison: Julie Domian-Ernst


Communications Committee
Develops a marketing plan and campaign for radio, television, newsletters, or any other form of advertising or communication that  goes out to the public on behalf of the association. Also updates social media on a regular basis.
Board Liaison: Barb Jeffries and Elizabeth Lanham


Gala Awards Committee
Selects awards for Gala  Event and other events, handles nomination submissions, and selection of award winners.
Board Liaison: Melissa Johnson and Jamie Swindler


The Nominations Committee shall be chaired by the Immediate Past President and shall have at least four other members appointed by the President.  The Nominations Committee shall work throughout the year to solicit nominations for officers and directors.
Board Liaison: Barb Jeffries, Jamie Swindler, Julie Domian-Ernst and Peter Nesmith

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