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MBA Louisville Annual Awards Gala 2023 Invitation

2024 Gala Awards

We are so glad to see 2023 go and are now able to put it behind us. All my peers know why!

Reflecting on 2023 as one of the local MLO’s, it was a year of triumph and overcoming. We are all here to provide families with the opportunity of home ownership and guide them to a successful home loan experience. It was great to see the turnout for the 2024 Gala to celebrate all the wins in our local industry of helping so many families even with rates at 20-year highs. We want to thank everyone that came out to celebrate and support the Mortgage Bankers Association of Louisville. We want to give thanks to our Emcee Shawn Dawley, who came in and did a fantastic job on such short notice. Special thanks to my committee members for all the work you did the day of the GALA, but more importantly days leading up to the event. From making sure all the details were covered to securing sponsorships, and raffle items. Thanks to Elizabeth Williams, Kay Smith, Lyndi Gibson, and Brttany Sells for all your hard work to make this event great. Last congratulations to the old board that we retired. More importantly thanks to the new board members as we look forward in having a successful 2024. I look forward to continuing to help this Association as part of the 2024 board. Cheers to 2024!

-Michael Schad, MBAL Awards Gala Co-Chair


2024 Award Winners

Top Unit Producer 

Jesse Cronen, Northpointe Bank: 444 Units, Volume $138,388,510


Platinum Award Winners

Tyler Jenkins, Northpointe Bank: Volume $28,734,092

Maria Woosley, Stock Yards Bank: Volume $26,386,664

Doug Spalding, Park Community FCU: Volume $26,226,916

Chad Paris, Northpointe Bank: Volume $25,008,727

Keri Jones, Republic Bank: Volume $22,686,457

Tonia McCue, Stock Yards Bank: Volume $18,101,584

Brittany Richardson, Park Community FCU: Volume $17,059,114

Josh Price, Envoy Mortgage: Volume $16,541,004


Gold Award Winners

Tiffani Borowick, Stock Yards Bank: Volume $16,288,802

Kelly Lee, Northpointe: Volume $14,296,411

Bill Willoughby, Northpointe: Volume $13,308,766

Terri Reyes, Stock Yards Bank: Volume $12,057,079

John Reinhart, Park Community FCU: Volume $11,149,712

Barb Bowling, Fifth Third: Volume $10,087,470

Kim Powell, Republic Bank: Volume $10,087,470 

Amber Mahoney, Ruoff Mortgage: Volume $8,868,221


Silver Award Winners

Jason Schroeder, German American Bank: Volume $8,788,744

Leigh Ann Highbaugh, Park Community FCU: Volume $8,498,626

Lindsay Ratterman, Northpointe: Volume $8,361,157

Michael Schad, Stockton Mortgage: Volume $8,011,345

Lori Thomas, Stock Yards Bank: Volume $8,003,243

Elise Oblander, Fifth Third: Volume $7,985,480

Stephen DeMuth, Ruoff Mortgage: Volume $7,073,246

David Gnadinger, EVO Mortgage: Volume $7,023,246


New Award! Rising Star

Brittany Richardson, Park Community FCU: Volume $17,059,114


Non-Production Awards

 Operational Excellence

Jeremiah Baker, OP Manager Stock Yards Bank


Housing Advocate

Kay Smith, Kentucky Housing Corporation


Community MLO

Cornelius Cotton, Republic Bank 


Associate Member of the Year

Ethan Hamby, Indiana Farm Bureau


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